Created Saturday 15 April 2017


GoNgetIT is a program written in C++ that allows to automatically download deb packages and their dependencies from an Ubuntu repository. It doesn't need any index files and it should work with most/all versions of Puppy Linux as it only depends on curl.


Choose a package here.

Open a terminal and type gongetit. It will appear a menu with some options that are self-explanatory. When you press option 1- begin you will be prompted to input an address of a package (eg. hardy/editors/zile). Be sure to write the correct address as I have written no sanity check. Keep in mind that Hardy repo is good for puppy 4.x and Wary while Lucid for Lupu.

When you press enter GoNgetIT will start and parse all the links of the dependencies and then download everything.

If you have turned on option 5 the program will turn all the .deb packages into a .pet by using dir2pet.

Packages will be stored in a directory in /root with several txt files used by the program.

If your download is slow you can change the download site by modifying /root/.gongetit/searchtree.txt. Put the repo you prefer in the first place with a text editor.


In /root/.gongetit there are some files needed by the program. Among them there's libraries.txt in which there is a list of libraries that are already in Puppy and that should not be downloaded, such as C library and so forth. If you have already some libraries that you don't want to download anymore add them here with a text editor (openGL libraries are already filtered because I assume that you can find them in the official Puppy repo). On the other hand if you leave this file blank all the libraries will be downloaded. This can be useful for repairing an Ubuntu system that is damaged or that cannot connect to the internet for any reasons. In this way Puppy may turn into a rescue tool for Ubuntu Smile Be careful not to delete critical libraries in the filter, though. You might install a package that could disrupt your Puppy installation.


With GoNgetIT several requests in the forum may be fulfilled but keep in mind that GoNgetIT is not a substitute of aptget and Puppy is not Ubuntu. If you download a package and it doesn't work probably you have to manually set things right. GoNgetIT is a powerful tool but not a magic wand.

Known issue

As of today, the debian packages cannot be downloaded anymore because they changed the structure of their tree files. If I have time and motivation enough I could make the debian donwnload to work again in the future.


You can download the source file here.
The binary can be found here.

How to compile the source file

The program is written in C++ so to compile just type:

g++ gongetit-0.2.cpp -o gongetit

Want more?

For those who can't live without a graphic interface I have packaged GraphicGoNgetit.

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