Created Saturday 15 April 2017

Here we go with another gui for GoNgetIT. I played with tcl/tk and here's the result: GraphicGoNGetit, or GGnG to put it simply.

Basically it's formed by two screens.

1-deb download section (steps 1,2,3)
2-pet making (steps 4,5)

1) Choosing the deb to download.

Go to the package section of the ubuntu or debian website and choose the package that you wish to download. For example Copy the part of the URL with the exception of the repo address, so precise/tk.

2) Choosing the directory.

Click on the 'directory' button and choose where you want your package to be downloaded.

3) Go'N'Get IT

Click this button. While the program donloads the packages the button will display in a red colour. The time of the download depends on how the package is big and on your connection speed. When the download is over the button turns green again and the message 'PACKAGE DOWNLOADED' appears in the bottom part of the window. You can look at the log if something went wrong.

4) Turn the debs into a pet package (standard Puppy Linux package).

Click the 'Make Pet' button and it pops up a new window. Choose the directory CONTAINING the deb packages previously downloaded and click the button 'Pet'. You have to answer a number of questions to build the package. At the end of the process, when the button changes from red to green again, close this window.

5) Install the pet package.

Open Rox filer and click on the newly created pet package as usual.


  • The gui has tcl/tk as a dependency. Racy comes with these packages already installed. But if you don't have tcl/tk installed you can download with gongetit the Precise version, that should work with other recent puppies. You can download tcl/tk here.
  • If you have tcl/tk already installed and the gui doesn't show up, this means that you should create a symlink to your binary with something similar to this:

ln -s /usr/bin/wish8.5 /usr/bin/wish

set the run action of the tcl file as

wish "$@"


You can download GraphicGoNgetit here.

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