Created Wednesday 12 April 2017

Vice 3.1 is the latest set of emulators of 8-bit-Commodore computers for puppy Tahr.

libtk-img for use with Tcl/Tk package (found in the Precise download section).

Imagemagick, tools for editing images.

Tesseract, OCR program for Puppy Tahr.

Italian language dictionary for Tesseract.
French language dictionary for Tesseract.
OCR.tcl GUI written in Tcl/Tk for use with Tesseract.

Festival, Text To Speech program for Puppy Tahr + English voices.

Festreader.tcl, is a Tcl/Tk script that creates a GUI to use Festival. You need to install Tcl/Tk to make the script work.
Italian voices for Festival, Puppy Tahr version.
Good quality English voice for Festival.

Nitech HTS voices
Nitech_us_awb_arctic_hts voice for Festival. Sample
Nitech_us_bdl_arctic_hts voice for Festival. Sample
Nitech_us_clb_arctic_hts voice for Festival. Sample
Nitech_us_jmk_arctic_hts voice for Festival Sample
Nitech_us_rms_arctic_hts voice for Festival Sample
Nitech_us_slt_arctic_hts voice for Festival Sample

Vectoroids, Asteroids-like game with nice music for puppy tahr.

Lib sdl-mixer for Vectoroids.
Other libs for Vectoroids.

Val-and-rick - Shooting game for puppy tahr.

Lib sdl-mixer for Val-and-rick.
Other libs for Val-and-rick.

Zim-0.60, desktop wiki for Puppy Tahr.

Audacious is an audio music player with equalizer for Puppy Tahr.

sshfs, connect to a PC remotely for Puppy Tahr.

Keepassx, a password manager for Puppy Tahr.

Milkytracker, a music editor for composing music with your PC for Puppy Tahr.

Goattracker, a music editor for composing music for 8-bit-Commodore computers for Puppy Tahr.

Vice 2.4.1 for Puppy Tahr is a set of emulators of 8-bit-Commodore computers.

Eboard chess game for Puppy Tahr. Play chess online with other people or against the computer locally.

Extra graphics and sounds for Eboard.
GNU chess engine for Eboard.
Sjeng chess engine for Eboard.

Filezilla is an FTP client for Puppy Tahr.

Emelfm2 is a file manager featuring a two window pane for Puppy Tahr.

Music On Console for Puppy Tahr is a console program for playing music.

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