How to install the dev_xxx.sfs file in a full installation

Basically Puppy linux can be installed in two ways: full installation and frugal installation. If you want to compile software with Puppy linux you have to dowload a dev_xxx.sfs file, the one that comes with your distribution. One problem with the full installation is how to install a .sfs file. For doing this:

mount -o loop devx_xxx.sfs /data

That mounts the dev_xxx.sfs file in the directory /data. If the /data directory doesn't exist you have to create it (mkdir /mnt/data). Then cd into the newly mounted directory /data

cp -a --remove-destination ./* /mnt/hda2/

where hda2 is your hard disk. If your hard disk is different from hda2 choose the one you have but be sure to choose the right partition !


umount /data

The squash filesystem (sfs) can only be read not writed. To open its contents:

mount /directory/file.sfs /mnt/data -t squashfs -o loop

To read the content of the squash filesystem:

ls /mnt/data

To unmount the squash filesystem:

umount /mnt/data