Created Saturday 15 April 2017

This package installs three small scripts that can read a txt file with espeak + mbrola voices in Rox.

Each script is useful in its own right and does a different task.

1- ereadfile allows to read a txt file right-clicking on it and selecting the corresponding entry in the menu.
You can manually link the script located in /usr/bin to the desktop. In this way you can drag and drop a file that will be immediatly read aloud.

2- ereadclipboard allows to read the text contained in the clipboard. You can select a text from an application and listen to it. Nice when you are browsing the internet and want to listen to an article in the meantime. Still better if you link the script to the desktop and assign a keyboard shortcut to it ; then you can easily let your computer read something while you are drinking a beer :-) Just select and press the key you have chosen; or select and click on the icon of ereadclipboard on your desktop. Also works with epdfview, the standard viewer for pdf files in puppy.

3- ereadfile2mp3 allows to convert a txt file into mp3 right-clicking on it.

Note that the scripts lack icons. You can manually add the one I have put in /usr/share/mini-icons/lips.png if you like.

To change the language edit the scripts with a text editor (e.g. mb-en1 could be turned into mb-fr2, mb-it3, etc and en1 into fr1, it4, etc.) and don't forget to put your mbrola voice in /usr/share/mbrola. If it happens that you want to stop the reading of a long file you can do it with Pprocess by cancelling the 'aplay' process ;-)

To use these scripts you must have installed at least one mbrola voice and espeak. If you are hassled by the search just download this package with all the needed stuff here .

Tested on puppy 4.x and 5.x lupu.

Download eread for all Puppy Linux versions.

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