Created Saturday 15 April 2017

gEread is a gtkdialog3 gui for puppy linux to read txt and html files with a synthetic voice by using espeak engine and mbrola voices. The program can also convert a file into an audio file with ogg, mp3 or flac encoding by using ffmpeg and has drag-n-drop capability.

Basically it does the same things of eread but with some more functions, such as to pause during the reading of a file and conveniently browse directories.

The program has been developed with Wary 5.0 but should work with other versions of puppy. Just keep in mind that you must have in your pup gtkdialog3, ffmpeg, espeak and at least one mbrola voice.



-changed ffmpeg dependency with avconv for flac and ogg conversions, and lame for mp3 conversions

-this version works with puppy tahr


- read clipboard content added

  • To read the content of the clipboard you must leave the file selection blank.
  • To put a text in the clipboard just highlight the area of text (no need of CTRL+C. That's the linux way ;- )
- an icon path has been fixed. it didn't show correctly in some puppy versions.
- tested with 4.3.1 and slako 5.3.1. It should work with many other puppy versions. With racy 5.3 you have to start the application from a terminal otherwise pause, backwards and forwards do not work. It's a tricky issue and I think it's related to this problem raised by vovchik and up until now I haven't seen a reply to this kind of issues. It has to do with the way jobs are managed by the OS and not all puppy OSs run in same way at a low level.


- buttons to skip backwards and forwards while reading added
- choice on how much to skip of the file
- mark on the last skipped line
- minor bugs fixed

tested with wary 5.0, lupu 5.2, slacko 5.3, tahr 6.0


Download gEread for Puppy Tahr
Download gEread for older Puppies
Download the Tcl/Tk libraries.

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